Marios 30th

Marios Geburistampfete

150min PSY-Prog & Fullon – Mixdate 06.01.2019

Impact, Out Of Range – Ancient Gods (Original Mix)
Jumanji aka Dickster, Eskimo – In Da Jungle (Avalon and Outsiders Remix)
Bitkit – Tunnelvision (Spirit Architect Remix)
AudioFire UK – A Billion Neurons (Original Mix)
A-Tech, Transient Disorder – Spiritual Liberation (Original Mix)
Lyktum – Nirvana Reach (Original Mix)
Altruism, Burn In Noise, Outsiders – Consciousness
Spirit Architect – Morning Glory (Lunatica Remix)
Emphacis – Amor et Psychedelic
Brainless – Cosmos
Transient Disorder – Navigate To Another Dimension
E-Mov – Cosmic Ritual
Hinap – Earth Formed (Original Mix)
Outside The Universe, Magik – 4D World
Katharsis – Babu Babo
Less Is More – Osciallting Thoughts
Faders – Flying Objects
Mystery Sense – Garden Of Reality
Insignia – Time Travel (Original Mix)
Relativ, Hypnocoustics – Final Frontier (Original Mix)
Mekkanikka, Michele Adamson – R U Awake (Original Mix)
Savage Circuit – Stimulus
PsyBuddy – Oddyssey
Sabedoria – Dailymotion
Huxflux, Tranan – Domino Effect
Cosmic Tone – Intergalactic (Original Mix)
Raaisel – The Redemption Of The Human Spirit
Psymon, Sixsense – The Ultimate Test
Injection – Can You Hear It
n.a. – No Pain
PsyBuddy – Identity
Psymon, Sixsense – Shiva’Nam
Mindfold – The Departed
A-Tech, Audiosun – Infinity
Neuroimpact – THC
Harmonix, In-Panic, Ultrapower – Shiva India