Flösser Aarau

gOaFLÖsSeR Aarau / 2h Liveset / Mixdate 30.11.2017

Metronome – So Real
Glitch Project, Storm Riders – Flashback
Zezia – Tokoloshi
Wilder – Here Right Now
Yestermorrow, Divination – Higher Conciousness (Original Mix)
Shogan – Beauty of Darkness
Audiofire (UK) – Serpent
Zeologic – Intelligence
Daniel Lesden – Arrival (Original Mix)
Hypnoise – Akasha (Original Mix)
Atma – Among the Gods (Original Mix)
Rishi – Bending Time (Original Mix)
Daniel Lesden – Mysteries Of Time (Original Mix)
Shogan – Daylight
Chemical Content – Spiritual Plane
Polaris (FR) – In Between (Original Mix)
Atmos – Soundglider (Yestermorrow Album Remix)
Sirion – A Voice from Down (Hasche Remix)
Mind Lab – The Setting
SoundSpirit – Perfect Day
Flexus, Stayos – Circles of Life (Original Mix)
Mind Lab – The Likelihood Of Dreams
Norma Project, Vertex – Rise of Flame
Champa – A Train Trip (Original Mix)
Relativ – Tomorrow Lasts Forever
Darkflo – We Are All One
Djantrix – High Pressure
Kristallklar – Extrasensory
Metronome – Karma Train
Amagra – Bipolar