Omkara 2018

Omkara 2018 / 2h Mornig Set / 1-2.09.2018

Electic – Rebirth
Lost Shaman – We Are All That Remain
Audiotec, Symbolic – Definition Of Happiness
Usual Suspects – Rise and Fall
Zone Tempest – Strange Voices
Kajola – Delayed Conciousness
Releasse – Machines of the new order
Usual Suspects – Insane Memories
Stayos – Caveman (Original Mix)
Multiphase – We Are (Solaris Vibe Remix)
Flexus, GMO – Sunny Days
Lost shaman – Digital mindset
Tristate, Aioaska – Lost In Modulation
Flowjob Estefano Haze – Its About the People (Original Mix)
Drjeckyl – Where Are You
Ilai – Endshift
Cathar – The Source (Original Mix)
Doppler, Nano Vector – Consciouness
Monty Psythons – Plagona
Spacebrothers – See Threw
Visua, Norma Project – Fractality
Spectro Senses – DNA Frequency
Flowjob – The Trees Are Watching (Original mix)
Norma Project – The Gleam
Vertex, Interpulse – Galactic Frequency
Inference – Morning Apple
Tristate, Protonica – Source Code (Atacama Remix)
Spectro Senses – Time Begins
Shogan – Source Code
Audiomatic, Unseen Dimensions – Free Your Mind
Critical Choice – Out of Orbit (Suntree rmx)
Airi – Spirited