Insieme 86

2h Intro PSY-Trance

Liquid Soul – Perfect Day (Original Mix
Tranonica – Agents Of Nature
Ilai – Freak Roots
3 of Life – Be Square (Original mix)
Shyisma – Technology
Ilai – Summoning Voices
Metronome – The Consequence
Flowjob – Secret Matters (Original mix)
Aquafeel – Enter The Ritual
Visua, Fractal Sonic – Next Reality
Audiodact – Pleasant Abyss (Original Mix)
Sonic Entity – All Is Mind
Zarathushtra – Magical Illusion
Sci Fi, Vaktun – Space Oddisey
Liquid Soul, Zyce – Science Fiction (Original mix)
Phanatic, Ticon – Indigo (Original Mix)
The Matrix – The Matrix (Original Mix)
Tristate, Genetrick – Mind of God (Original)
Ritmo, Morten Granau – Reborn (Original mix)
Flexus, GMO – Too Many Questions
Aerospace – Where Are All The Aliens?
Yestermorrow – Building Realities (Enablerz Remix)
Gipsy Soul – 1 Million Doses (Original Mix)
Hinap – Time and Space (Original Mix)
Allaby – Black Sands (Original Mix)
Opposite8 – The Void
Multiphase – Frequencies (Original mix)
Rythmo – Age Of Angels
Doppler, Reflex – Atman
Lumen – Cotton Mouth
Unstick – Alba
Phaxe – Leyenda (Original mix)